Learn AP US History

Most Advanced Placement United States history courses are focused on a mixture of political, and social history in order to explain how American culture came to be the way it is today. The AP US history course certainly follows this pattern.
This webpage is designed to give you the notes, outlines, essays types, reviews, vocabulary and quiz questions to learn the history of the United States well. The Advanced Placement US history exam is most interested in what students know about the politics and social changes in the United States. Learn the facts and you will do well on the test.
Most teens take the AP US history coursed for two reasons. First, AP courses offer teenage students in high school challenges and opportunities not found in other high school history courses. Teenage students are rarely given the chance to read primary sources, write complex essays, and discuss college level material until the enter the college or univeristy of their choice. AP Courses give academically motivated teens the opportunity to learn like college students.

Second, teenage high school students take AP history courses so they can obtain college credits. The AP United States course offers students the chance to earn up to eight college credits depending on the college the apply to and attend. Also, college applications are strenghtened by having AP courses on a high school students transcipt. AP helps teens get into college. For many teenage students, its that simple.
Teens with a large number of AP courses often have a lot of stress. This webpage is designed to give students support but we also understand that teenage students often need a stress break. The games and videos on the game and video page are designed to give teens a healthy chance to have some fun in-between study sessions. Enjoy the games but remember your focus is passing your course, passing the AP exam and getting the six college credits so you can write a great college application and then go to the college of your dreams. Study well.